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My Top 10 Christmas gifts under $100…

Not that my friend Gary Vaynerchuk asked—but here you go. Here are my Top 10 pics from Christmas gifts under $100:

#10 – SanDisk Ultra III 4GB SD Card – Good digital cameras under $100 may still be hard to find; however, high capacity SD cards are cheaper than ever.  I like these higher quality/faster SD cards.  They are more expensive that others — but I trust SanDisk with my digital photos.  *Make sure your camera supports SDHC cards.  If you are not using a DSLR camera, you can get by with these MUCH cheaper/slower ones.

#09 – A massage from a professional.  I know it sounds un-Christmasy— but I had a massage today and it was GREAT.  Check your local listings or Craig’s list.  If you live in Baton Rouge area, I recommend – Laura is awesome! – Many massages are under $100

#08 – TomTom ONE 125 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator – First, I will admit that my favorite GPS unit is the unit.  However at $99, This TomTom One unit is great.  Plus at this low price, you won’t feel guilty in this bear market.  I also think that this model has Celeb. voice-overs. What would be better than Mr. T giving you directions, FOOL!

#07 – Netflix – Let’s face it, EVERYONE likes to watch a movie now and then.  Netflix remains the leader in Mail-in movie rentals.  I use the $18 subscription model that lets me have 3 movies out at one time + unlimited movie streaming to a Mac/PC/XBOX 360/Roku, etc.  

#06 – Gift a domain name with – You’ve always heard that most people like hearing their name… Well, people LOVE having their own domain name.  -Even if you are just gifting a persons “” to point to their facebook/myspace page.

#05 – Whole Foods Gift Card – Again, this might not scream Christmas— but if your gif-tee has a Whole Foods in their town—they are probably already a fan.  I love the cheese and wine.

#04 – Brenthaven Trek BP Laptop backpack – If you are guying for a laptop user, these are the “Cream-of-the-crop” when it comes to laptop bags.  I will personally endorse these bags.  I’ve had this exact one for over a year now; and, it’s saved my gear many times.  Great warranty.  Brenthaven stands by their bags— I like that.

#03 – Western Digital 320GB Passport USB powered HD – Nothing says I love you like— a new portable Hard Drive.  —and of course spending time showing someone how to backup their data!  Again, I have one of these—and highly recommend them.  Of course, you don’t have to get the bright yellow model…

#02 – V-MODA Vibe Duo Earbuds/Headset (iPhone Compatible) – I couldn’t resist throwing in one of my favorite iPhone accessories.  I’ve been using these for about a year now; and, these are great.  I had problems with my original version; however, V-MODA promptly replaced my set after 6 months of EVERYDAY use.  For under $100, I feel these are a very nice stocking stuffer for your iPhone user.

#01 – Just be nice to someone.  Cost = $0 bucks!  Value = Priceless!…  Nothing is more valuable than just spreading a lil LUV.  And believe me, Karma happens. — Just remember to help someone get their “Boogie Down” … 

…. And there you go, — my 2008 Top 10 Christmas gifts for under $100.

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