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Millie Sellers-Boudreau – 9/22/1936 – 09/29/2022

We lost mom on September 29th, 2022… She had been struggling with dementia for the last couple…

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Alternative to gas-powered generators

With many people dealing with power-outages in Louisiana due to hurricanes, a lot are purchasing gas-powered generators…

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My Review of “Jobs” movie

Here is my quick review of the 2013 Jobs Movie. As a huge Apple “FanBoy”, I was…

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2011 New Year’s Resolutions

Here are my top 11 new year’s resolutions for 2011: 1.  Get back into podcasting/blogging. 2.  Loose…

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Some inspiring people-sites

Hi, a few weeks ago, a friend asked me what are some of the interesting sites/people that…

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Leo Laporte at SxSW 2010 Diggnation

This was amazing… Here are some videos I took at the Live Diggnation Podcast during SXSW 2010:…

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Matcha Green Tea Shake

*** FYI:  I’ve created a dedicated website just for tea: *** Here is my recipe for…

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Review of Sherlock Holmes = “B-“

Last night, I saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie, starring Robert Downey, Jr, Jude Law, and Rachel…

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“My Mother’s family”

My Mother’s Family by Billy Sellers (Top 10 Essays of 1985 – Louisiana History Essay Contest) My…

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Good Tea, Great Tea

A few people have asked me about the teas I’ve been drinking lately. I will say that…

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Capture Icon graphics with Preview

Capture Icon graphics with Preview – Simple, but VERY handy. Boring? Well… yes… -Will

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My Top 10 Christmas gifts under $100…

Not that my friend Gary Vaynerchuk asked—but here you go. Here are my Top 10 pics from…

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Luv you too, iJustine… :)

Now this is pretty cool: A postcard from iJustine.

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My Podcast List…

Guys and Gals, Here is a list of my favorite podcast that I currently have subscribed: Adam…

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Open letter to Starbucks…

Greetings, I would just like to say that I am very disappointed with Starbucks’ decision to close…

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Apple Store: Mall of Louisiana Opening March 6

Please checkout: to see a live broadcast from the opening of Louisiana’s FIRST Apple retail store….