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My Review of “Jobs” movie

Here is my quick review of the 2013 Jobs Movie.

As a huge Apple “FanBoy”, I was somewhat underwhelmed.  I thought it was “OK” — Entertaining and a fair representation of Steve Jobs early/mid career at Apple. However, there were holes in the timeline of Jobs’ life — and didn’t get past the iPOD era… So, no footage about the creation of the iPhone, iPad, modern Macs, etc.

I DID think that Ashton Kutcher’s acting was pretty damn good… And, seeing his photo on the side of young Steve Jobs at the end of the movie – WOW you see A LOT of similarities.

I actually think “The Pirates of Silicon Valley” is a better movie:
– much more entertaining and possibly more a more complete story of the ‘early’ days of Apple Computers.

If you are looking for “Facts”, I say pickup a copy of Walter Isaacson’s book, “Steve Jobs”:

Also, Steve Wozniak’s “iWOZ” book is Woz’s side of the story:

This is also a great documentary about Steve from LPB:

I could go on….  I’m sure there are some die-hard Apple fans that will LOVE this movie; thats cool.  I just didn’t leave the theater “Feeling” good or more connected to Apple/Jobs.  I say it’s worth the 10 bucks to checkout.

iWill gives it a C+   🙂

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