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Apple OSX Leopard Terminal Phonebook

Here is a little tip I found in the Terminal.app application in Apple OSX Leopard: The Remote Connection Phonebook. http://www.viddler.com/player/be962269/ If you can find a way to “tell” terminal to open new connections in TABS instead of new windows, GREAT…. Continue Reading →

Video: Windows 7.0 Beta First Look

Please check out this video I did, taking a first look at the new Operating System from Microsoft: Windows 7 Beta. I found that although this OS is marked at BETA— it ran great. It is running on a VMware… Continue Reading →

My Top 10 Christmas gifts under $100…

Not that my friend Gary Vaynerchuk asked—but here you go. Here are my Top 10 pics from Christmas gifts under $100: #10 – SanDisk Ultra III 4GB SD Card¬†– Good digital cameras under $100 may still be hard to find;… Continue Reading →

Luv you too, iJustine… :)

Now this is pretty cool: A postcard from iJustine.   http://flickr.com/photos/wsellers http://twitter.com/wsellers iWill

My Podcast List…

Guys and Gals, Here is a list of my favorite podcast that I currently have subscribed: Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code – Hey, He’s the Podfather. Apple Phone Show – Great cast, great iPhone info. Apple Quick Tips – Tips… Continue Reading →

Open letter to Starbucks…

Greetings, I would just like to say that I am very disappointed with Starbucks’ decision to close store #8321. This store is located in one of the most busiest areas of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My wife, son, and I make… Continue Reading →

Apple Store: Mall of Louisiana Opening March 6

Please checkout: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wsellers to see a live broadcast from the opening of Louisiana’s FIRST Apple retail store. Here is a link to the store: http://www.apple.com/retail/malloflouisiana * I’ll only be able to do the live feed “IF” there is some kind… Continue Reading →

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